Tea Time & Coffee Break
Culturetank T5, Seoul, KR
Parallel Worlds
Seongkok Art Museum, Seoul, KR
Road Show:2019 from Shanghai to Chongqing
Korean Cultural Center Shanghai, CN
Tracing Times
Gallery Simon, Seoul, KR
Seongnam Art Center Cube Art Museum, KR
Daegu Art Museum, Daegu, KR
Your Hand, My Heart
Gallery Simon, Seoul, KR
Vapours Like Fire Light
Gallery Purple Studio, Namyangju si, KR
Kansong Art Museum, DDP, Seoul, KR
The Illusion of Time
Ilwoo Space, Seoul, KR
31 Experiments on Light: Intimate Rapture
Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul, KR
International Contemporary Art Project Ulsan 2015
Culture Street, Ulsan, KR
Shadow Casters
Gallery Simon, Seoul, KR
Liquid Times
Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, KR
The Roads of Forking Paths
SeMA Nanji Exhibiiton hall, Seoul, KR
Gallery Simon, Seoul, KR
MAM Project 017: Lee Changwon
Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, JP
Festival O! Gwangju Media Art 2012
5.18 Democracy Square, Gwangju, KR
Other Selves
Alternative Space Loop, Seoul, KR
Your Invisible Shadow
Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul, KR
Bad Romanticism
Arko Art Center, Seoul, KR
Parallel World
Kim Chong Yung Museum, Seoul, KR
Pleasure Ground
Lokaal 01, Breda, NL
Shared. Divided. United.
NGBK, Berlin, Germany
Emerging Korean Artists in the World 2009
Hangarm Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
City Net_Asia 2009
Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
AANDO Fine Art, Berlin, Germany
Art Through Nature
Space*C Coreana Museum, Seoul, Korea
Your Mind's Eye-Digital Spectrum
Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
Shadow of Heroes
Gallery Fiebach & Minninger, Cologne, Germany


Soft Power: Asian Attitude
Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art
ASIA-EUROPE mediations 'Asian attitude' 2007
Muzeum Narodowe, Poznan, Poland
'Passersby' Window Gallery, Seoul, Korea
'Reflection' doART Gallery, Seoul, Korea
'Reflexion' Gallery Januar, Bochum, Germany
/ March 02 - April 5, 2007
'New Talents', Art Cologne 2007


Changwon Lee recent works Gallery Kusseneers, Antwerp, Belgium
2 Capitals

left: 2 Capitals, 2014, right: Parallel Worlds, 2012
dimensions variable, Mirrors, LED lightings, pedestals

Parallel Worlds

Parallel Worlds_Hands across Time, Parallel Worlds_Paradise, 2012
Reportage images on mirrors, LED lightings, pedestals, diemsions variable

parallel world holy light

Parallel Worlds_Hands across Time, 2012, Sign of Promise, Untitled, 2014
Reportage images on mirrors, LED lightings, pedestals, diemsions variable


from left to right: Victims, Missing, 5 Portraits, Lichtbild, Ganghwado
280x600cm, exhibition view

collective portraits

from left to right: Celebrities as Kids, Oblivion-Victims, 2010, Missing
Reflection image of painted portraits, 85x110x7,5cm, 84x146,5x7,5cm, 106x110x7,5cm


Lichtbild, 2003
Inkjet print, plywood, 226x190x8cm

Luxaflex Spetrum of Reflections

from left to right: Luxaflex, Impromptu, Spectrum of Reflections
Exhibition View: Seongkok Art Museum

left: Spectrum of Reflections, right: WC Ente
reflection of various advertising flyers


reflected light of Acrylic colors, dimensions variable

light figure

Exhibition View
Light Figure series, Archival pigment prints

spiegel fotos

Exhibition View
from left to right: Buddha in der shade 2009, Mortar joint shadow 2003, Reflected Self-images 2009

Vapour like Fire Light 2016
Advertising Flyers, LED lightings, display turntables, MDF, wooden panel, dimensions varible

Exhibition View
from left to right: Buddha in der shade 2009, Mortar joint shadow 2003, Reflected Self-images 2009

dream of korean empire

Dream of Korean Empire 2019
Ground coffee, wooden panels, 400x800cm

changwon lee

Idea Sketches, Documentations
installation view

tea sculptures

Tea Drawings, Tea Sculptures 2021
Tea leaves, varnish, paper, plywood

tea sculpture

Tea Sculptures 2021
Tea leaves, plywood, varnish

Safflower Drawings, 2020-2021
Safflower, varnish, paper

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